Enough Clothes

You can see what I think looks like enough clothes for me by reading the posts in the “100 Things” tab.

But what does it look like for the kids?

This has evolved over time. When they were infants and outgrowing clothes every few months or so, I had boxes label by sex and size. When the babe got a little bigger, I’d put the old clothes in  a box and pull out the new size. After the last babe had outgrown stuff, I passed it on to another new mother. One box per size was the limiting factor.

By the time the kids were elementary school age, I would buy a week’s worth of clothes at the beginning of the school year and summer clothes at the end. I did laundry once a week. Most clothes would last the school year, but if not I would replace an item that did not last.

In middle school, I have had to buy an extra set of pants or shoes, when someone went through a growth spurt. Beloved daughter seems to have stopped growing, and she has accumulated about 2 weeks worth of clothes. Middle son has  a bit more than a week’s worth and youngest son is in that growth spurt now.

Kids are expected to take care of their own laundry after age 12 in this house and this system works pretty well for us. I have a washer and dryer in the house.

If you live in the city without a car or washer on the premises, or the country with no washer at home, you have to adjust to your situation.

It helps me to remember that in most places in the world, people have a couple changes of clothing, they wash things by hand in the stream or lake and hang them up to dry.

At the other end of the spectrum is the teenage son of an acquaintance, who has piles of dirty laundry on the floor of his room and in front of the washer and dryer and frustrates his parents by washing the one favorite pair of pants all by itself.

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