Protecting Our Joy

Recently, someone I respect, spoke about protecting her joy.

Phlox in the front yard

I had never thought of joy as something that needed protection. I thought of it more as natural occurence when we are on our right path.

But I can see how we might both be right.

How many times have I felt like someone was trying to pull me off my right path because they wanted me to do the work that was theirs to do to make their own life right?

And how many times have I wandered away from mine distracted by pretty sparkly things in the distance?

Knowing one’s own right path takes discernment and vigilance. Staying on it takes strength and clarity.

It is easier to figure out with a little quiet time, something single parents often lack. So maybe protecting our joy starts with finding a small time to ourselves and making it a habit.

Blooming Redbud Tree

One thought on “Protecting Our Joy

  1. Jean says:

    Thank you for this post, Fawn. I needed, absolutely needed to read this today. Just found my way back to SL forums and glad to see you still post there. Always finding wisdom and sincerity in your words.


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