Organizing the Day/Week/Month

I confess, I am a list-maker. I have a list of what to do this week, what to buy at the grocery store next time I go, what to do when I am home on staycation in June, what I need to have the electrician do before the cabinet guy comes to install the cabinets, what to blog about.

But my goal is to live so simply that I don’t need them. That the next thing I am to do presents itself in the moment before it is to be done. Until I get a couple of these kids out of the house, this is not likely to happen.

So it is a work in progress.

Lists I used to have that I have gotten rid of:

Bills to pay–now, I keep enough money in my checking account for the usual monthly bills and I pay them as they come in. Semi-annual bills like the car insurance or annual bills like house insurance and the tax bill are prepared for by auto deduction to a savings account from each paycheck. When the bill comes in, I transfer the money and write the check.

List of clothing that the kids need is gone too. If I notice someone has outgrown all their dress slacks, we go shopping and buy them. Routinely, I ask kiddos if they are needing socks or underwear, if so, I buy them.

The list of books that I want to read someday, I shredded. By the time the kids are grown, the books I want to read may have changed 4 or 5 times. When I get the time to read again, I’ll see what interests me.

What I am still pretty religious about is putting kid’s and my activities on the calendar. There are so many of us, and so many activities that if I don’t have it written down, I forget. Plus it makes it fair about who gets priority for rides if there is a conflict. Whoever put their thing down on the calendar first gets priority.

So: calendar, grocery list. These things still rule me.

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