Laughing Out Loud

Martha Beck relates that research shows that toddlers laugh spontaneously something like 238 times a day, but by the time we are grown-ups it has dwindled down to about 3.

Well, lighten up!

I hang out with dying people every day (I’m a hospice nurse) and if THEY can find things to laugh about, then so can you. And they do. And they tell me it makes them feel better.

You’ll have to make note of what sort of things have made you laugh in the past (I have a fairly dark sense of humor) and seek out those sources. Is it the comedy channel on A & E? One of your friends? Reader’s Digest Humor In Uniform? ?

Go there now. Visit often.

Once, during The Year of Darkness (I was separated but not divorced) I actually paid my kids a quarter for every time they could make me laugh. They worked darn hard for those quarters. Now, I couldn’t afford it. They make me laugh all the time.

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