March Food Totals

This post is another in my recounting how I keep our food costs at less than the amount we would be awarded in food stamps by cooking at home and not wasting food. Even though I am buying 50% or more of our meat and dairy as organic/range-free/fair labor products.

Grocery shopped yesterday:

March 26 groceries

Spent $52.04, which included organic skim milk and organic turkey slices. The yogurts are not organic, as everybody like the other kind better.

Total groceries for the month: $341.13, total eat out cost $83.35.

Menus for the week:

Monday: Roasted organic chicken, mashed potatoes, steamed green beans

Tuesday: Pancakes and organic chicken sausages (not eaten last week as planned due to late work/early kid activities. We ate the leftover stew instead.) Oranges.

Wednesday: leftovers.

Thursday: Chicken and noodles (made w/ leftover roasted chicken) steamed brussels sprouts.

Friday-Sunday: kids w/ their dad. I am working and will eat leftovers, eggs and toast, yogurt, fresh fruit…basically whatever is in the house.


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