Turning On a Dime

There are a lot of different ways to negotiate difficulties.

You can accumulate whatever (fat for winter, tools for repairing stuff, Sam’s Club bargains for the next economic downturn, children to take care of you when you are old.)

You can agitate the political scene to create the kind of government that will get you what you want.

You can withdraw from the world and minimize its influence on yourself, or

you can turn yourself into a lean, trim, flexible being who can adjust to the current conditions.

Kinda the difference between being a battleship and a surfer.

Yesterday, what I planned for the day didn’t actually happen. Instead I gave a kid a ride to an activity, charged up the battery in her car while she was gone, then helped her brother with some term paper research, drove him to the book store and still got a made from scratch stew on the table by 6pm.

I’m really glad that I wasn’t so overloaded with responsibilities that I couldn’t stop what I was doing to help the kids out.


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