Minimalist Garage

A dear friend who has followed my silly counting game for years (and benefited–you are welcome for the wooden hangers) saw the inside of my garage for the first time last week and said, “You need to post a photo of this!”


east wall

south wall

northwest corner


True minimalist will note there are three (!!!!) rakes. As is the case with most excess, this is related to some fantasy/rationalization. I had thought/hoped we would all rake the leaves together. HA! Now, I just hang onto them till they break. I really only need one.

Also the peat pots in the northwest corner are leftover from a freshman science experiment and I am holding onto them until the other 2 students have passed through freshman biology….just in case (another cause of clutter.)

You will notice missing: the lawnmower. The lawnmower maintenance guy seems to have stolen the lawnmower. He has had it since November and is not returning my calls…..I’m not going to call the police till spring.


7 thoughts on “Minimalist Garage

  1. John says:

    The hyper-observant will also notice: 4 missing kayaks, 7 missing bikes, 1 missing tractor, 2 missing chainsaws to go with the 2 missing weed whackers, 100’s of missing tools (no, I probably won’t ever need all three hacksaws), one very large potato gun, missing obviously, as well as several lawn chairs – most with missing webbing, and one plastic owl used to keep things out of my garage that I don’t want in there. Yikes.


  2. Paul Sullivan says:

    I also noticed the absence of a potato gun, more formally known as the hand held medium velocity carbohydrate propulsion unit. I happen to have an extra… if you need it.


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