Food Stamp Allotment: Upping the Ante

Even allowing that February is a short month, the food totals so far are: $ 231.07 for groceries and $80.17 for eating out. I haven’t really been trying very hard to reduce eating out as the monthly totals have easily been less than the Food Stamp Allotment, even w/ me going through the dollar menu at McDonald’s and the drive through at Starbucks WAY more regularly than is comfortable to mention.

So, I’m going to up the ante, make things a wee bit more challenging.

Any animal products I buy from now on will be organic/range free or I will confess it to you here on-line. Here is the grocery shop from today, $86.72 worth, with some organic meat, organic milk, range free eggs.

Groceries 2/20/11

Lotta yogurt there for some reason….

Menus for the week:

Monday: Canned Ravioli (it was a weak moment) and fresh watermelon

Tuesday: Chicken and noodles, steamed green beans (this is son #2’s favorite dish)

Wednesday: leftovers

Thursday: Egg Drop Soup (using the last of the Ramen noodles) and fresh fruit

Friday: Stuffed baked potatoes (request from middle son) w/ cheese and broccoli and Mac n Cheese (just to get rid of it.)

Saturday: spaghetti and meatballs, steamed broccoli

Sunday: homemade pepperoni pizza

Monday: leftovers


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