Sticker Chart

You would think that we are too old for a sticker chart, rewarding us for desired behaviors with a shiny, colorful star. You would be wrong. I started with the red/orange stars to keep track of middle schooler’s instrument practice time. Then I added the yellow stars to keep track of my workout days.

Sticker Chart

At first, I was discouraged that there were so few yellow stars, but I began to see a pattern to when I don’t make it (I need to drive the kids to school-too much snow to ride bikes, or I’ve been on-call the night before) and that actually encouraged me. I’m not just lazy….I’m busy and responsible. My goal for the month of February is to have a yellow sticker three times per week.

The green and blue stickers represent daughter and middle son’s music practice. They scoff at my chart, but I have noticed a friendly competition between them, so I think it encourages them too.


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