Finding the Fun

It is there, I swear it is… just haven’t been looking. You’ve been told (along with the rest of us) that single parenting is hard. So you gird up your loins, and prepare for battle with your kid’s teacher, with your ex, with your mother, with whoever is not supporting your choices. Well…..Blllllpppp to that!

Every stage of parenting has its joys and drawbacks. Focus on what is fun NOW. Did you hear me? Focus on what is fun NOW!

When my kids were toddlers, I loved to walk them down (youngest in a stroller, ’cause it was too long a walk for him) to the local candy store and let everyone buy one or two pieces of candy. It might take 15 minutes to find just-the-right candy if you could only have one piece, but it was delicious to think about each and every flavor and then finally settle on THE ONE. (What I disliked at that age–all the cleaning–the floor and booster chair after dinner, the baths, picking up Legos and Barbie shoes…)

When they were all in elementary school, my favorite thing was on Saturday mornings, when I would lounge in bed till they would all pile in with me and cuddle. All four of us in a double bed until somebody’s elbow ended up in somebody’s stomach and a squabble would break out. (What I hated–beginning band concerts—OUCH!)

And now I have teenagers…..and what I love best is dinner. Darn, we have fun. A few months back, darling daughter was going through a silent stage. She just didn’t speak with anyone in the family, except for one word responses to questions. She was delightful with friends and their parents, I am told. But with us–silence. And then one day, inexplicably, she reverted to her previous chatty, delightful self. She talked with me in the car on the way to the store and during dinner….well part way through dinner. And then almost mid sentence, she stopped talking. Her brother noticed right away. He said, “There is something wrong with her. She can’t talk.” I told him my theory of her predicament: She only has so many words per day, after she has used them up, she has to stop talking.” Deadpan, he replied, “She needs to get a better plan.”

Dinner is still fun. Tonight the high schoolers were conjugating Latin verbs that sound like English swear words. (OK, we are geeks.)  Example: facio, facere, feci, factus (do or make) : facamus, facar, facere… you get the idea.

Next year, who knows.

Your turn. What is fun with your kids now? Post in comments.

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4 thoughts on “Finding the Fun

  1. Leslie Ann Costello says:

    I’m so glad I found your blog! I don’t have nearly the demands that you do and I STILL don’t find time for the fun. I am looking forward to reading more.

    I found this via the FI-SLN forums….good that you had the url posted in your signature. Thanks for starting this!

    Is the kitchen finished? Reno projects are so unpredictable.


  2. Fawn says:

    I’m glad you found us too!
    And no, the kitchen won’t be done for some time. Next action step: select the refrigerator I want (under counter style) and find out who locally can obtain and install it. Other cabinet measurements depend on this. I’ve looked at a some on-line and hope to check with appliance stores this weekend.


  3. Dave Heinzel says:

    Fun now… well, tonight I took my 4 year-old daughter out to dinner, just the two of us. The host set our silverware across from each other on the table, but I moved mine to her side and sat next to her. We laughed about how many forks we had between us (4) and why they put a knife in front of her. I helped her read “Route 66” on a sign on the wall, pondering myself to think about the correct pronunciation of the word (“root” or “rout”?). I pretended her crayons were legs, and I walked them around the table and onto her arm, when she burst out in laughter. She sat on my lap for awhile until dinner was served. I don’t remember anything in front of me or to my right, because the whole time I was giving her my attention. It was a lot of fun.


    • Fawn says:

      That silly hostess….gave her crayons AND a knife. Everyone knows the crayons go to the sadest person at the table and the knife to the person with the biggest biceps. 🙂
      For a long time, whenever we went to this one particular resturant in town, they set us in the back and gave everyone (mom included) crayons and a kid’s menu (the kind you draw on) and we would have a raucus good time back there. So much so that other diners would turn around in their seats to see what we were up to and then smile.


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