Skirt Fun

As most of you know, I have the goal of owning only 100 things, but for now must be content with 100 personal things, and count the things I share with the kids separate. It’s not really fair to make them live in a house without furniture, just because I’m quirky…..

Last count was 92 personal items, and when you get to this few objects, it takes a fair amount of creativity to reduce it further. Of course, that’s half the fun. I am intending to find a way to live without purse and wallet and the biggest obstacle to this goal is there is so much women’s clothing without pockets. Since I own so few clothes, it shouldn’t be that hard to make sure that I only purchase clothing with pockets, right? Well, sorta. I like skirts and dresses and most of them come without pockets. SIGH. Here is my new work around: Goodwill has lovely mid-calf skirts with a nice drape and feel to the fabric. Many of them are labeled “Dry Clean Only,” but for $3.00 a skirt, I can experiment. I select a skirt for the fabric, if it’s in my size that’s bonus. If it is bigger, I can cut it down. Then I wash it to see if the fabric will tolerate it. If it does, I shorten the hem to mid-knee, a more flattering length for me anyway. I save the fabric that has been trimmed off and use it to make pockets. So far, I have made two kind of pockets: side seam pockets and cargo pockets with a top flap. I think the cargo pockets are more secure, and if I am going to put my debit card and cell phone in there, I don’t want them to fall out while I’m driving.

Here’s a black skirt that I am currently using

My first skirt experiment


Here’s one that I just finished, that I can wear this summer.

Summer skirt


Here’s a close up of the pocket

Pocket detail


Now if I can just figure out how to get that blasted date/time stamp off the camera.

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